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mmelissa craigMelissa Craig was the very first “temp” at her parent’s staffing company in 1987.  She takes pride in this background as it has enabled her to recognize that, for us, customer service goes two directions—the customer AND the employees!  As the Regional Manager, Melissa participates in all aspects of the organization including sales, placement, safety management and in-house staff training and support.


david craigDavid Craig oversees the payroll, accounting and IT functions. He is instrumental in maintaining and customizing our state of the art payroll system, including custom programming and reports tailored specifically to our clients needs.



jan vroomanJan Vrooman is the rock in our Accounting Dept.  She completes our effort at providing exemplary customer service by being quick to address customer and employee concerns.  With an accuracy rate near 100%, Jan makes our payroll process one of the best in the industry.  Jan has ran our Payroll and Accounting Department since 2007 but is an added contributor to our organization as the corporation's Strategy Team leader.



We place customer service as the number one priority for all staff.  Shandy Danford, who settled in Oregon after a lengthy stay in Australia, is ready to be number one at meeting the needs of our clients and employees!  She gained great experience in HR working in the hospitality industry.  And, with her international background, is excellent at getting along with the diverse array of people with whom we work. 


One our most tenured and experienced employees is Emily Croft who first started with Quest/Summit Staffing as a temporary and part-time in-house administrator during her summer breaks as a student in the mid-late 2000’s.  After spending some time in Washington, she returned back to us first as our PEO Representative and now is our Placement Manager.  Emily has a solid grasp of our entire organization and consistently goes above and beyond to make sure our client’s needs are met.


Angela LaMarr is perhaps Quest/Summit’s most well-versed team members.  Starting as a Placement Coordinator in the mid 2000’s, she took a break but returned in 2014 as our Recruiter.  Her experience as a Quest Placement Rep lends itself to successful, leading edge recruiting because she’s quick to sync up candidate experience with our client’s needs.  She’s also one of our team’s backbones with an eagerness to help out in any capacity in the event we’re short-handed.  If you have a question and don’t know who to ask, Angela will be able to get you lined out!

Our Front Desk Rock Star is Vanessa Salinas, who definitely has some customer service say!  As our Placement Assistant, her role is vital to keeping the placement functions operating smoothly.  Vanessa will meet you with a smile at the door, be quick to answer the phones and is totally on the ball to lend a hand whenever and wherever it’s needed!  If one of our senior staff is unavailable, you’ll still get what you need if it’s Vanessa helping you out!

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